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Lokahi Billing Co., provides needs for your practice! We offer your practice professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and most of all "loyalty" to your practice to get your claims billed correctly and get your revenue flowing in.

Full-Service Billing
Extensive Claims Recovery
Practice Management System

Looking for a Biller?

Give your practice the personalized attention it deserves!! "You'll be more than satisfied with the results".

                  Increased Revenue
                  Maximum Reimbursement
                  Knowledge of Billing Changes
                  Electronic Claims Submission
                  Exceptional Customer Service
                  Competitive Rates

                                                          Control Your Incoming Money for your Practice Safely

There's nothing better than seeing and controlling your money from your practice's hardwork. All insurance checks & patient payments are received and deposited by your practice. Put your mind at ease knowing that you are controlling your own deposits without having to worry about loopholes or discrepancies in money with your billing service. We provide you with a monthly summary of total payments posted that you may use to cross reference with your monthly bank statement.

                                                     Full-Service Billing

Patient Demographics/Registration:

We will enter all patients information regarding registration and insurance information.

Charge Entry:

All charges will be entered from your encounter form (superbill, fee ticket...).

Electronic Claims Submission:

Claims are submitted electronically to insurance companies through a secured internet connection. These will include: HMSA (PPO, HMO, PLUS, BCHI, FEP, Quest), Medicare, Tricare, HMAA, United Healthcare, UHC Medicaid, Ohana Medicaid, and other commercial insurances.

Payment Posting:

All insurance & patient payments will be posted to the appropriate accounts, either by electronic remittance or by manual posting.


Patients will receive monthly statements.  If your practice accepts credit cards, each statement will provide an option for patients to pay by credit card.

Accounts Receivable Management:

Maintains accounts receivables, provides proper insurance follow-up for aging accounts.


A monthly summary will be generated to let your practice know how you're doing! We will supply you with an array of reports from total monthly payment amounts, to total monthly charge amounts, and what your current accounts receivable aging looks like for that month.

We also provide you with an end of year summary. We stress that it is very important to know where your practice stands and these reports are a wonderful tool to help you keep your practice running efficiently.

                                                 Extensive Claims Recovery

Don't Know What to do With all of the Claims Sitting on Your A/R?

Many practices obtain billing services because they are in some kind of financial crisis with their accounts receivables and are at the end of their rope and don't know what to do. Rest assured we can help get you back on your feet and have your revenue flowing back into your bank account (new billing service clients only).

Here are some common reasons:

  Staff Duties Hectic Due to Demanding Patient Load
  High Turnover of Staff
  Not Aware of Required Billing Changes
  Improper to No Follow-Up Done on Aging Accounts
  Improper Claims Submission
  Electronic Claims Submission Errors

                                                Practice Management System

Looking for a Practice Management System?

We can help your practice save money. Instead of buying a practice management system, an affordable option would be to make use of our practice management system for your convenience*. It allows your practice the use of the scheduler which includes HMSA and Medicare eligibility verification. You will also be able to view patient demographics, patient ledgers, and other areas of the practice management system. We can have the program installed on your office PC or laptop*. This is a wonderful tool for your office staff to utilize for your practice needs at an affordable cost.

Other options are also available if you choose this function:

Encounter Forms (i.e. Fee Tickets, Superbill)
Phone Reminder System (Schedule)
HL7 interface with most EMR systems (Please inquire to see if your EMR system meets requirements)

*Only applies to new and current billing service clients, fee applies.