Lokahi Billing Co.          Honolulu, Hawaii          Medical Billing Service


Lokahi Billing Co., is an established medical billing company serving islandwide physician practices since 2006. We provide full-service medical billing to independent physician practices or groups for
all islands within the state of Hawaii. 

We are a rapidly expanding business located in Honolulu, Hawaii. We use the latest up-to-date & state of the art medical billing software available in Hawaii.

Come and enjoy the spirit of Lokahi, the harmony of knowing your business is in good hands.

Curious what a Medical Billing Service has to offer vs. In-House Billing?

You are not alone, many physician practices have different reasons for inquiring about outsourced medical billing.

                 Maximizing Reimbursement for your Practice
                 Poor Financial Cash Flow
                 Receivables are Inflated and Financially Impacting your Practice
                 Extensive Claims Recovery 
                 Electronic Claims Submission
                 Frequent Turnover of Staff
                 Cost Efficiency of Employee Wages and Benefits

Concerned About the Cost Associated with Outsourced Medical Billing? Is it Affordable for your Practice?

Most practices usually assume that the cost for full-service medical billing is not affordable, so they won't inquire about it. 

Our service doesn't cost...it pays!

Your practice could be losing thousands of dollars a year due to incorrect claims submission and inconsistent-to-none on follow-up procedures. We will bring in the revenue you were losing and help you save on employee wages & benefits. The end result will be less overhead costs associated to your practice and more revenue in your bank account.

Our rates are very competitive and in most cases less than other competitors. We offer the utmost professional and quality service to our clients. We maximize reimbursement for your practice by working with accurate claims submission and timely follow-up.